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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have or sell hemp or marijuana products?
    NO. We are a Doctor Referral Service booking appointments only.

    * We do *NOT* sell medical marijuana.
    * We are a Doctor Appointment Scheduling Service Provider.
    * We do not give you a card, you pay the State for your card.
    * Our service is only for setting up appointments.
    * We only service the sick and individuals with approved conditions in their State.

  • How do I get started or set up an appointment?
    To get started you can signup online here, or give us a call (727) 201-2538. We can accommodate patients with convenient appointment times that fit their schedule.
  • How Legal Medical Card provides better service?
    Legal Medical Card has expertise in providing cannabis education and medical marijuana cards to patients with our certified doctor evaluation and recommendations.
  • Do I get my recommendation on my first appointment?
    Per Florida State law our physicians are allowed to authorize LOW-THC and FULL-THC medical marijuana upon confirming a patients diagnosis can qualify only after an in-person evaluation exam. So you can immediately receive a recommendation without further appointments.
  • What conditions can be eligible for a medical marijuana card?
    Florida Amendment 2 eligibility for a Florida Medical Marijuana Card:

    Crohn’s Disease
    Multiple Sclerosis
    Other Debilitating Condition of Like, Kind, Or Class

    Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors can certify patients for Medical Marijuana Cards under Amendment 2 after diagnosing patients with “other debilitating medical conditions of the same kind or class.” These may include:

    Back Pain
    Hepatitis C
    Irritable Bowel Syndrome
    Lyme Disease
    Muscle Spasms
    Muscular Dystrophy

    Other Conditions that result in traumatic stress
    Severe & Chronic Pain
    Severe Nausea
    Sickle Cell Anemia
    SpasticityOr Similar Including:
    Chronic pain
    Muscle spasms
    Nerve pain
    Loss of appetite
    Abdominal pain and constipation
    Menstrual pain

  • Is it a long process to get certified for a card to buy from a dispensary?
    Not with us. Upon exam and qualification, our patients can be immediately entered into the Office of Medical Use Registry. You can get your card and begin treatment after receiving a recommendation once you pay the required State mandated fee of $75 and include a passport photo. Some patients have received their approval in a weeks time from the Office of Medical Marijuana Use, but on average patients can typically expect 10-14 days. For updates please call our hotline or login to your Account.
  • Total Costs involved to have a Medical Marijuana Card?
    Pay $25 monthly or $165 every 210 days. Your membership includes the availability of treatments for maximum dosage, instant customer service, and automatic renewal of member benefits such as our shopping guarantee and $10,000 in Identity Theft Insurance. Our money-back guarantee applies for members who do not receive an approved recommendation for a medical marijuana card.
  • Are previous diagnosis required to qualify?
    It is not legally required, although it may be preferred to have a pre-existing diagnosis from your Doctor. The approval or denial is at the discretion of the examining Doctor, and only if they feel there is a qualification of debilitating symptoms will they provide authorized approval.
  • Do I need to bring my medical documentation?
    Documentation that supports your diagnosis is important. Bring anything that you think can help. You may need to request medical records if you do not have them readily available. You typically need to sign an authorization form with whoever has your records. Our staff can assist you in retrieving your records.
  • Payments Accepted?
    All typical payment methods are accepted, cash and checks, debit or credit cards such as Discover, American Express, MasterCard and Visa.
  • Health Insurance Accepted?
    Insurance of any form, Medicare, Medicaid, or any other form is not accepted, primarily due to federal law.
  • How long can appointments take?
    There are no set time limits on patient care with our Doctors, the appointment will vary from patient to patient and last as long as it takes to come to the conclusion for a recommendation.
  • Website safe for membership enrollment?
    Our website utilizes Secure SSL connections with end users and provides an award winning shopping guarantee which includes $10,000 in Identity Theft Insurance.
  • Privacy Concerns?
    Patient privacy is important to all of us. The privacy laws of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act help protect your Doctor visit. Our Doctors only enter patients into the secure Florida Compassionate Use Registry, accessible to ordering physicians, law enforcement, dispensing organization staff, and Office of Compassionate Use staff.
  • Can I have both a Concealed Weapon Carry & Medical Marijuana Card?
    That question is not something in our expertise so we do not have a clear answer. Although according to the latest news and information, a medical marijuana cardholder can also be a concealed weapon license owner. Florida’s own elected commissioner of agriculture, Nickie Fried, claims to carry both certifications and she happens to be responsible for both departments.
  • What is the Refund Policy?
    Once enrolled as a member, upon successfully receiving a recommendation from our certified Doctors there are no refunds available, and all outstanding payments are due and obligated to be paid. If membership is paid monthly the remaining billing cycle is obligated to be paid automatically per your membership. Otherwise, our refund policy is as follows:

    Why is the Total Amount Requested Different with the provider I chose?
    Patients are guaranteed to receive high-quality service with all of our Doctors. Some of our Doctors provide their own custom level of service that can require a different amount which can be more than the lowest price offered by some Doctors on our network. If you are on a budget or the price is an issue, go back to check if we have other Offices in your area with better pricing to accommodate your needs.

    Members with Monthly Payments:
    – Same Day cancellation, upon refund request, receive complete 100% refund.
    – Cancellation After 24 Hours, upon refund request, receive a refund of the latest charge.

    Members with One-Time Payments:
    – Same Day cancellation, upon refund request, receive complete 100% refund.
    – Cancellation After 24 Hours, and before attending your scheduled Doctor visit, upon request of the full amount, receive 50% refund.

  • Can I cancel my appointment and reschedule?
    Regarding appointment changes, please contact us immediately. Yes, you can reschedule without issue if you give us an early notification. Please be aware our Doctors work very hard in preparing ahead of time for all patients. All Appointment cancellations, no-shows or reschedulings are subject to a fee of $30, unless our staff is notified 3 days prior to the scheduled appointment.
  • Is there any guarantee I receive a recommendation?
    We have no stated guarantees that a patient will receive a recommendation. Our certified marijuana Doctors have to determine the best for their patient examining their qualifying conditions and navigating the risks and determining using medical marijuana outweighs risks associated with the patient. There are money back guarantees in place to accommodate patients in the chance they do not receive a recommendation.
  • Why is your pricing structure set up the way it is?
    Across the US, each State has differing medical marijuana laws which do not have consistent requirements across the board for physicians. In particular, the State of Florida says every 70 days a patient will need to renew, so physicians cannot certify a patient for an extended period of time which causes more time and work and costs that need to be accounted for.
  • What if the Total Amount Requested is Different with the provider I have chosen?
    Some of our Doctors provide their own custom levels of service that can be different from others, and their schedules and availability are all unique. Our appointment bookings for service with some Doctors may require a different amount, which can be more than the lowest price offered by some of the other Doctors available on our network and the original office price offerings. Regardless, all patients are guaranteed to receive high-quality service with all of our certified Doctors. If you are on a budget or the price is an issue, go back to check if we have other Offices in your area with pricing and plan structure to better accommodate your needs.
  • Accepting Insurance for Marijuana? Medical Marijuana Insurance Claims?
    Accepting Insurance for Marijuana and making medical marijuana insurance claims will soon be available for patients. It’s inevitable and only a matter of time. Health Insurance companies like United Health Care and TRICARE Military will most likely lead the way. With thanks to TRICARE, veterans will most likely benefit soon enough with cannabis and not be broke to have it. The Department of Veterans Affairs will soon reconsider its policies on medical cannabis. The writing is on the wall, and we will help patients with medical marijuana insurance when the time comes.

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